Beautiful Voices, Beautiful Faces


It was that same night, after the release of the Tour DVD, after playing sand volleyball, and after all of our friends ditched us to go watch the Spurs game, that Kelsey and I took a fun little journey to Wally World. We walked straight to the back where all the electronics are located, walked straight to the movies and CD’s and searched and searched for One Direction. We even asked the employee if he knew where the DVD was, but unfortunately he had no clue.

Shortly after that, I caught a glimps of One D. Went straight for it and sure enough there was the Up All Night One Direciton CD located in the wrong spot. But guess what was also located in the wrong spot. The exact thing we were looking for, the thing we came to Wal-Mart for in the first place, the Up All Night Tour  DVD!!!! The DVD the boys pressed play to just hours before.

Man oh man were we excited. I purchased the CD and Kelsey purchased the tour DVD.

It was almost midnight, but Kelsey and I journeyed back to my house to sit back and watch it. Well, we didn’t really “sit back” we kind of acted like we were actually there in the auditorium watching them live. It was really exciting.

As we watched, we actually didn’t know any of their songs… Besides WMYB. I remember sitting in awe watching them on my TV screen. Kelsey kept saying, “Omg there’s my Liam singing first again, how perfect!” Because he sang the first lines in almost every song. We were acting really crazy, but didn’t care! My little sister, Erica, who was 14 at the time, was just chilling in the background laughing at how ridiculous these two young adults were acting.

Tweeting from that night

Tweeting from that night



After a full day of being home alone with my computer and cell phone in hand, I had come to know a lot about this boy band from the UK.

Where they are from, how they got started, when they were born, and who they were dating.

One Direction is a boy band from the England and Ireland. They all auditioned for the X-Factor UK as solo artists in 2010. They all made it into the next round, but were all cut during the boot camp stage. Shortly after, they were all called back and were put into a group by their now manager, Simon Cowel. They had made it to the live shows and made it all the way to the finals, but were placed third in the final show.

But who cares. They are now the BIGGEST boy band in the world.


I remember this specifically, that same night after I had officially become obsessed with One Direction, I went to Gruene Hall with my friends to go dancing. (That’s a thing we do on summer nights in New Braunfels, Texas) My friends, Kelsey and Mary-Cate, and I were all standing outside the dance floor, and I asked them, “OMG have you heard of One Direction? They are beautiful.” They both agreed and that was just the beginning of our Summer of One Direction, as we like to call it.

Shortly after that night, I followed them on twitter, and I remember a specific day where Kelsey and I were both on twitter tweeting them up a storm because we wanted them to notice us so badly. They had just released their Up All Night Tour DVD and since we were rookie fans, we didn’t even know about it. So that day One Direction sat down in the living room, pressed play, and live tweeted throughout the entire movie. So here’s Kelsey and I, tweeting these boys, acting like we are watching it with them just so they would Possibly tweet us back. But nah, that didn’t happen.

But… that same night, all of our friends and us went to the park to play volleyball. I was obsessed with WMYB (What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction) and that was the only tune that was coming out of my mouth that entire night. Our friend Jacob had One Direction on his iPod so he played One Thing by them. Sadly, I didn’t know that song as well… but still loved it! Kelsey and I kept singing and being obnoxious as we all played volleyball. Our friends had no clue what was going to come at them in the upcoming months ;}

Only the Beginning

This is the start of a new era.

Yes, it only took me 3 minutes and 27 seconds to fall in love.

It was around May 27th. I had moved back home for the summer, and since it was summer again, I had nothing to do or worry about! I remember hearing about One Direction from iCarly on Nickelodeon, and thinking of them as just another dumb boy band on TV like Big Time Rush…

But no, I was completely wrong. Turns out, they became my new boyfriends!

one direction and me

Movie Stars

Boy bands aren’t my only obsessions. I fangirl over movie stars as well. As I said in a previous post, I enjoy the sight of the Twilight Saga’s star, Taylor Lautner. As you can see here…


…and the Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson.


Only in my dreams…..

Haha! But that’s what we do, us fangirls, we dream. It keeps us going, keeps us being able to deal with our everyday life struggles. For me, my struggles are school. Being able to take a mini break from reality by checking out what’s going on with my celebrity crushes is what gets me through that long day of school.

When Taylor Lautner got the part as Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga I was excited! I had always loved him ever since he was the star of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and when he was in Cheaper By the Dozen 2.


Lautner as Sharkboy in 2005


Lautner (far right) in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 in 2005

Lautner became pretty famous, and that could have been a reason why I fell in love even more.


Me and Taylor taking a stroll

As my junior and senior year went on, I continued to love Taylor Lautner and when he started dating Taylor Swift I was happy because I loved her too! When they were in Valentine’s Day together, I became even more in love with the both of them.

Oh yeah… Sidenote… I also fangirl over girls as well. Not in a weird way, I just consider them my role models in some way. I love her music and I love how humble she is. I tried a tremendous amount of times to win tickets to her concert my first semester in college. There was this contest through the radio station here in San Antonio, KJ 97, “Take me to Taylor”. My friend and I tried every day to be KJ’s Facebook Fan of the Day. Here is one of my cleaver phots that I posed…

taylor s

Yeah… They didn’t chose me 😦 But c’mon, who doesn’t love this photo?

Anyway, back to Lautner! He took me to the beach on his motocyle in like every dream!!!!

Taylor and me on his 21st

aren’t we such a dreamy couple?

My senior year of high school I started reading the Hunger Games’ series. Those books are good! When I found out they were making movies out of them, I could hardly wait! And when I found out that my childhood celebrity crush, Josh Hutcherson, was going to be a star in the movie, I definitely couldn’t wait! Man life was going great.

When the movie preimered last March, I got the privilege of going to see the movie the night before it actually premiered, so I felt like a celebrity in that moment. I was so so so excited and I kept telling my friend, “OMG, what if he’s here!? What if he makes a special appearance??? What if he smiles at me? What if he PROPOSES to me?!?!”

Yeah….. That’s what typically goes through my mind in those moments.

The Jonas Brothers Concert 2010

Before the concert

Before the concert

My Facebook status the next day was, “I was in the same room as Nick Jonas last night.”


It was such an awesome experience! And I get to say that I’ve been to a Jonas Brothers concert for free! Even though, just like my friend said, I was in the nose bleed seats. But eh, who cares, Sabrina and I had a blast.

Sabrina and I at the concert

Sabrina and I at the concert

It was Friday, September 10, 2010. My sister, Sabrina’s, 15th birthday! Sabrina is on the Aristocats Dance team at the high school. I was a senior and she was a freshman. Sabrina likes the Jonas Brothers, and I love them. She was excited to go, I was EXCITED to go. Luckily, that particular Friday evening there wasn’t a football game for our high school, and normally Sabrina would have to dance at it. So, since there was no game, she was able to enjoy the Jonas Brothers with me on that Friday evening!

Right after the bell rang at 3:55 p.m., my sister and I were ready for our journey to the JoBros. Got home, got cleaned up, hair down, make-up on, cute outfits and out the door. My mom drove us to the AT&T Center that night and I remember having all these emotions running through my head. On our way we listened to their CD, of course (Lines, Vines and Trying Times), and I ran scenarios in my head as if I were to accidentally bump into them. Things like this would pop into my head on a daily basis. As a fangirl, you learn to day-dream like it ain’t nobody’s business. I think that is the fun part about it. Nobody can stop you from dreaming about hanging out with your favorite celebrity. Nobody can stop you from your imaginations. Even though they may never come true, it is still fun to dream and imagine about.

Demi and JoBros!

Demi and JoBros!

Nick :)

Nick 🙂

Fly with Me :)

Fly with Me 🙂

As we arrived to the AT&T Center, we saw crowds and lines of little girls with their parents. Me, being a senior in high school, definitely felt out of place, but did I care? Nope! After years of loving the Jonas Brothers, I was finally going to see them perform. Another plus was that Demi Lovato was the opening act, and I love her as well. She has an amazing voice. Another one of my idols.

Nick J.

Nick J.



All Spiffy in white

All Spiffy in white

When Demi was done with her performance, it was finally time for the brothers to step out. My heart was ecstatic and bounded to the beat of the entrance music. The first song that was played was “Burning Up”. One of their #1 hits. Even though they looked like little ants on a farm, it was such an exciting moment for me! After the song, they called up two fans to join them on stage… ohhhh man was I envious of those two lucky girls! They got to sit there and let the boys SING TO THEM. I could only imagine being on that stage with Nick Jonas singing to me… oh the joys of daydreaming… and being a fangirl.

yay!!! Celebration!

yay!!! Celebration!

Them leaving :(

Them leaving 😦

It Pays Off

As my junior year strolled along, I became really busy with school, applying for colleges and scholarships, working and soccer. Once my real life became busy, my media life became… dead.

My junior year was definitely the worst year in high school. Because of my car accident, I was put back down onto the junior varsity soccer team. Life was stressful with all the SAT’s and all the colleges I had begun to look at. It was like a mini preview into a world I hadn’t known yet. Looking back at it now, I’ve come to the realization that having the little obsessions and following the lives of the Jonas Brothers or Taylor Lautner, or anyone else I had simply been appealed to, is what kept me going. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I had their tweets sent to my phone through a text message. That way I knew exactly what they were doing at the moment they tweeted. Also they would have webcasts at random hours of the day, and I couldn’t miss those! Plus, why else would twitter create the setting of having tweets sent to the phone? TWITTER even have the mind of a fangirl.

It was almost a year later when the obsession finally kicked back into full throttle. It was September 8, 2010. (My senior year in high school.) A little after 6 a.m. My mom woke me up by calling me and saying, “Turn your radio to Magic 105.3 right now! I just won Jonas Brothers Tickets!” _____________________________________________________________________________

My heart dropped.


Something I had worked so hard for a whole year-and-a-half ago was simply placed in my hands! (or my mom’s hands) But since I had expressed my love for them, my mom knew she HAD to give them to me. And since the concert was on my sister’s birthday, she just had to join me as well! I had flashed back to the moment I entered contests for “The biggest Jonas Brother’s fan”, (embarrassing) showing off my obsession. And here I was with tickets. I was finally going to see them.

The Biggest Jonas Brothers Fan Contest

The Biggest Jonas Brothers Fan Contest

I went to school that day and told all my friends during soccer practice that my mom won tickets to see the Jonas Brothers! My friend laughed at me and said, “It’s probably going to be nose bleed seats, hahaha!” 😦

“NO! it’s the radio station, they HAVE to have good seats for me! Maybe even VIP!” I remember telling her.

The rest of that week was awesome! I was going to a JoBro concert and I didn’t have any other cares in the world.

On the way to the concert!

On the way to the concert!

Where it all Begins

Jonas Brothers 2009

Jonas Brothers 2009

Just look at them. In a teenage girl’s eyes these three boys are eye candy. And their voices are magical.
It was the summer going into the eleventh grade. First off, in the summer time you have no worries, no stress, except maybe what to wear to the beach or who to hang out with. With no school, you are as free as a bee. That summer I didn’t have a job. So I had a lot more free time than my friends did. And you know what that left me with… the internet.

That was the year twitter became really popular. 2009. Twitter was the ultimate celebrity stalking site for all people at the time. Not literally stalking, but stalking in the sense that anyone and everyone who “follows” them knows what they are up to. It’s like they were talking straight to the world through the computers, almost as if they are our immediate friends.

That was the sense that I got when I joined twitter four years ago. When I first joined, I only followed celebrities. And yes, I felt that they were talking directly to me. But that they just didn’t see any of my responses to their posts. It is basically like a one-way relationship with them. And… I was totally fine with that!

As sad as it sounds, it honestly was a really great summer for me. I met a lot of JoBro fans throughout the world on twitter. It was like my own secret community I had built over the internet.

Those are the amazing things that happen as a fangirl. Bonding with others around the world. Our other friends from school just never understood.

So back to the point of where it all started. The Jonas Brothers were my first obsession. I would spend hours without end watching their YouTube videos, watching their live webcasts, and twitting them like it ain’t nobody’s business! I had begged my parents to take me to their concert but they never did 😦 Life is rough.

People say that a person who obsesses over these things don’t have a life, but in reality, they do. This is their life. And in my defence, it was summer… there was nothing else to do!

The end of that summer, I got into a car accident where I was airlifted to the hospital, and missed the first three weeks of my junior year. When I was in the hospital, my family and friends brought me posters and magazines of the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Lautner… ahh they all knew me too too well 🙂

Wall in the hospital

Also, in the hospital I had these dreams that they came to visit me and sing to me and just make everything better. The thought of thatwas all that mattered to me in that moment.

Oh the thoughts of a fangirl…

Me and Taylor Lautner :)

Me and Taylor Lautner 🙂