Where it all Begins

Jonas Brothers 2009

Jonas Brothers 2009

Just look at them. In a teenage girl’s eyes these three boys are eye candy. And their voices are magical.
It was the summer going into the eleventh grade. First off, in the summer time you have no worries, no stress, except maybe what to wear to the beach or who to hang out with. With no school, you are as free as a bee. That summer I didn’t have a job. So I had a lot more free time than my friends did. And you know what that left me with… the internet.

That was the year twitter became really popular. 2009. Twitter was the ultimate celebrity stalking site for all people at the time. Not literally stalking, but stalking in the sense that anyone and everyone who “follows” them knows what they are up to. It’s like they were talking straight to the world through the computers, almost as if they are our immediate friends.

That was the sense that I got when I joined twitter four years ago. When I first joined, I only followed celebrities. And yes, I felt that they were talking directly to me. But that they just didn’t see any of my responses to their posts. It is basically like a one-way relationship with them. And… I was totally fine with that!

As sad as it sounds, it honestly was a really great summer for me. I met a lot of JoBro fans throughout the world on twitter. It was like my own secret community I had built over the internet.

Those are the amazing things that happen as a fangirl. Bonding with others around the world. Our other friends from school just never understood.

So back to the point of where it all started. The Jonas Brothers were my first obsession. I would spend hours without end watching their YouTube videos, watching their live webcasts, and twitting them like it ain’t nobody’s business! I had begged my parents to take me to their concert but they never did 😦 Life is rough.

People say that a person who obsesses over these things don’t have a life, but in reality, they do. This is their life. And in my defence, it was summer… there was nothing else to do!

The end of that summer, I got into a car accident where I was airlifted to the hospital, and missed the first three weeks of my junior year. When I was in the hospital, my family and friends brought me posters and magazines of the Jonas Brothers and Taylor Lautner… ahh they all knew me too too well 🙂

Wall in the hospital

Also, in the hospital I had these dreams that they came to visit me and sing to me and just make everything better. The thought of thatwas all that mattered to me in that moment.

Oh the thoughts of a fangirl…

Me and Taylor Lautner :)

Me and Taylor Lautner 🙂


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