Movie Stars

Boy bands aren’t my only obsessions. I fangirl over movie stars as well. As I said in a previous post, I enjoy the sight of the Twilight Saga’s star, Taylor Lautner. As you can see here…


…and the Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson.


Only in my dreams…..

Haha! But that’s what we do, us fangirls, we dream. It keeps us going, keeps us being able to deal with our everyday life struggles. For me, my struggles are school. Being able to take a mini break from reality by checking out what’s going on with my celebrity crushes is what gets me through that long day of school.

When Taylor Lautner got the part as Jacob Black in the Twilight Saga I was excited! I had always loved him ever since he was the star of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl and when he was in Cheaper By the Dozen 2.


Lautner as Sharkboy in 2005


Lautner (far right) in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 in 2005

Lautner became pretty famous, and that could have been a reason why I fell in love even more.


Me and Taylor taking a stroll

As my junior and senior year went on, I continued to love Taylor Lautner and when he started dating Taylor Swift I was happy because I loved her too! When they were in Valentine’s Day together, I became even more in love with the both of them.

Oh yeah… Sidenote… I also fangirl over girls as well. Not in a weird way, I just consider them my role models in some way. I love her music and I love how humble she is. I tried a tremendous amount of times to win tickets to her concert my first semester in college. There was this contest through the radio station here in San Antonio, KJ 97, “Take me to Taylor”. My friend and I tried every day to be KJ’s Facebook Fan of the Day. Here is one of my cleaver phots that I posed…

taylor s

Yeah… They didn’t chose me 😦 But c’mon, who doesn’t love this photo?

Anyway, back to Lautner! He took me to the beach on his motocyle in like every dream!!!!

Taylor and me on his 21st

aren’t we such a dreamy couple?

My senior year of high school I started reading the Hunger Games’ series. Those books are good! When I found out they were making movies out of them, I could hardly wait! And when I found out that my childhood celebrity crush, Josh Hutcherson, was going to be a star in the movie, I definitely couldn’t wait! Man life was going great.

When the movie preimered last March, I got the privilege of going to see the movie the night before it actually premiered, so I felt like a celebrity in that moment. I was so so so excited and I kept telling my friend, “OMG, what if he’s here!? What if he makes a special appearance??? What if he smiles at me? What if he PROPOSES to me?!?!”

Yeah….. That’s what typically goes through my mind in those moments.


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